I’ve been reading a lot of posts about the disadvantages of calorie counting.  It’s an effective way of losing weight (based on experience) but it should not be  a permanent thing–that I know of.

When you count calories, you can pretty much eat anything, junk food included.  And it’s not healthy.

I must admit that for the past few days I have not really exerted an effort to choose healthier food.  And it’s now the weekends, the affordable array of veggie meals are not available in my office.  I need to be resourceful.  

I can choose to buy from the nearby canteen that sells affordable dishes with real meat and veggies and tastier, too.  Or I can just buy from the grocery my food for the week–bread, peanut butter, cookies, apples, bananas so I won’t have to think of what to eat every single day.  Or I can just make a weekly menu so I can make sure that my food is balanced.

If you happen to read this blog, can you suggest a site or is there a site for menu making?  Thanks.