I have beef stew with sweet potato for lunch.  It’s quite satisfying even without rice.  I was off calorie counting fror 2 days in a row and I have to discipline myself again, otherwise.

I was not supposed to be off CC last night but E asked me to go with him to Makati to meet someone.  Since we were already in Makati, I decided to bring him to one of my favorite resto in Makati–it’s a bakery and resto…Mom and Tina’s.  The pasta there is great and the desserts are addicting.  Most importantly, the price is affordable.

Today, I want to save up a little and so I decided to just let my officemates get me food from the dining hall.  And the food was beef and sweet potato.  I was satisfied with the food I should say.  At least there’s variety with what I eat.

I’m also supposed to be going to this meet-up but it did not push through.  I should have just jog.  Maybe, tomorrow.  Yeah, definitely tomorrow.

Image from http://lowfatcooking.about.com/od/crockpotrecipes/r/beefsweetpot.htm