I wanted some veggies and so I ordered “Pakbet” for lunch.  Pakbet is a Filipino dish made up up of squah, green beans and other veggies.  There was also some shrimps just to add to the taste.  Then I also had half cup rice and 1 leg of chicken barbecue.  It’s enough for my healthy lunch.  It’s a healthier choice rather than some chips and iced tea.  The calories there are lower but not nutritious.

I realized last night that I should not waste my calories.  That I should choose food that are nutritious and satisfying since my calories are restricted.

Anyway, tomorrow I won’t have to count calories and I plan on eating cupcakes from Mom and Tina’s.

***Image from http://pinoyfoodtaste.blogspot.com/2010/02/pinoy-pinakbet-pakbet-recipe.html