Constipation has been a problem for me now.  It’s not enough to lose weight.  I should also think about my health.  As in every part of my body should be healthy.  Anyway, I should drink plenty of water.

It’s always best to consult your doctor/dietitian when you want to change your diet.

Next is Heat.  The heat of the sun and summer is too much that I worry about heat stroke whenever I go out in the middle of the day (at 12 noon).  It’s already May, and by now, it should be raining once in a while here but rain is seldom.  While the other parts of the world are dealing with typhoon and flood–we worry about the price of our electricity because of too much airconditioning unit use or electric fan use because it’s really humid and hot.

Water is really a friend to me now.  8 glass of water a day is so much attainable now.