I’m addicted to whole wheat loaf of French Baker.  I could survive lunch and dinner with just this kind of bread.  For some, they don’t really like the taste of whole wheat bread, but for me, I got through the texture and enjoyed it.  I guess other bloggers are right when they say that they sometimes crave for the healthier food.

Speaking of cravings, yesterday, I craved for banana and I ate one.  Luckily, I was easily satisfied.=)  According to one site I’ve read (sorry I forgot the link…), it’s best to listen to our body.  Sometimes when we crave for something it means our body lacks that nutrient.  Truthfully, Spakpeople.com had the same analysis (nutrition tracker) that I went under my potassium goal (again), and banana is rich in potassium.

Good thing, I am now taking this food supplement which I will post here some time and I think it’s rich in potassium.

Anyway, tomorrow, I have to do rounds with all the patients.  I think I need the exercise.  Blessing this morning while going to work, I saw an officemate and she waited for me to enter the gate.  We were not sure if we were going to be late and so to be sure (since we don’t have any lates yet), we ran.  I realized how easy it was for me to run.  I guess, I could easily run (as a regular exercise) now.  We’ll see.

Also, I’m planning of joining my first marathon.  I want to try the 5k.  We’ll see.=)

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