I have a MAJOR fall.  I’ve been giving in to cravings for several days now.  Why is this?

Disappointed.  Because I got these conditions ever since I started cutting back on calories.  I feel like this is not healthy.  I’m supposed to be healthier, right?  Maybe, I am doing something wrong with the diet.  I’ll just have to rethink.

Ice cream is a great craving because I just can’t smell it.  Ice cream and oreo put together is just too great to resist.  What am I going to do?

I hope these cravings will go away.

Anyway, if there is one thing that I won’t forego, it’s ICED TEA.  I am a regular customer at the moviehouse snack area of the nearest mall (in my workplace) and I always buy their iced tea.  Spending time there (standing) and sipping the iced tea makes me feel at peace.  I feel hopeful.

Anyway, I can still turn my life around.  Good things are now going to happen.

Life is easy and comfortable and happy.=)