Good morning everyone!  It’s sunny here in this side of the globe!=)

I’m feeling optimistic about life and about my “diet”.  I’m on Stage 2 of the Sparkpeople’s diet program.   The steps seem do-able because I’ve done it before.  I just have to stick with them.

Choose something healthy over junk food.  Fruits instead of chips.  I can do this.  Because I want to.

I’m gonna be one busy girl.  But I can do this.

A highschool classmate recently passed away and the cause is heart failure.  Now more than ever, at this age, I should be more concerned with health.  This is the time of my life–this is our time.  I can do a lot for myself, my family, and for this country.  That’s why I have to take care of myself.

One step at a time=)

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