Stress is everywhere.  No matter how frequent you do yoga, meditation, eat the right food, avoid pollution–whether you like it or not, you are exposed to stress.

What are the causes of stress?  Let’s take a look around you.  Living in a city, the noise is overwhelming, the air is not clean, dust and bacteria everywhere.  You can wear a mask or an ear plug, or wash every now and then but still, you can only do so much.  Results can be deafness, lung cancer, infection.

The food you eat–yes you eat healthy stuff, a balance of fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, dairy, little fat and sugar.  But there are toxins that can be found in some of the food around you.  Even the healthy food that you know can still have toxins.

Your social life–ocassionally you can drink or smoke.  Sometimes smoking and drinking have become habit.  Before you know it, lungs and liver are already destroyed.

Suppose to say, you don’t drink or smoke and you eat healthy stuff and you exercise everyday.  Exercise.  It causes physical stress to the body.  It still is stress.

Then there is emotional and mental stress.

So what can you do if you can’t avoid stress?  How do you protect yourselves from the harmful effects of stress.

It all starts with our cell.  Yes, that smallest unit of our body which composes the tissue, organ, organ system, whole body.  If you can protect the cell, then you have a greater chance of beating the bad effects of stress–that and a well-balanced life.

So how do we protect our cell?  By aiding it with a bunch of its friends.  What are its friends?  Coming soon…:)

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