In my head, I want to exercise daily, even for just 30 minutes…but it’s not that easy when you juggle several projects daily.

This afternoon, since it’s a Sunday and there are only few people around, I jogged whether I looked weird or not. I jogged in place.

I realized some things.
1. That I can go on jogging without resting for 30 minutes straight–it’s an improvement…
2. I am now sweating like a normal person. Before, even if I ran like crazy for like an hour, I never sweat that much…that was why I always thought that deodorants work for me. I was surprised to see my suit wet despite the cold weather…way to go Jassy, your body is improving…yeah!:)

Moreover, I conquered a fear today. The fear of invitation. Since I’m able to invite people, I think I can do this invitation now. I am no longer afraid. As they say, the first is always the hardest…guess it’s true. Glad I’m okay now.

Life is so good.:)