This afternoon, after watching Australia’s Next Top Model’s several episodes, I’ve tried having a catwalk.  Being the silly me I strutted while going to a nearby store and buy some snacks.  On my way back, I saw my uncle and after greeting him, he asked me to approach him.

“You’re looking pretty,” Uncle D told me.  Then he added, “you’ve lost weight…”

“Yeah, I went on a diet…”

“And your complexion seems fairer, what have you done with your skin?”

“Oh that’s make-up…”  I answered.  Then we chatted for at least a minute before excusing myself so I could go home.

That’s nice.:)

Another story, during dinner, my Mom told me, “What’s your weight now? You’re looking thin, enough of your diet now…”

Haha…she used to stop me from eating too much, now she’s asking me to stop my diet.  I just told her that I have 10 pounds still to lose–my goal weight is the weight I had in college.  I love her.  She knows balance.

I have assignments to do.  Hopefully, I will be able to finish them so I can relax a bit tomorrow with friends.