I’m glad most of my projects are nearly complete now.  I feel good.

This afternoon, I volunteered myself to get the copy of our readings for the assignment for my MS due in July.  I have my path in mind so I could accomplish all I have to accomplish at school and others.  However, I miscommunicated with my classmate and I ended up going to the wrong photocopy station.  I had to go back and forth.  But I was still glad because I had a mini-workout, sort of like brisk walking.  I still felt good though despite walking under the heat of the sun.  My body was screaming for water.

In school, we took this personality/psychological test.  My result was interesting.  I guess that added up to making me feel happy because a psychological test like that could really be accurate.  Nice!

I also discovered some new nice blogs.  I’m inspired. 🙂  Moreover, the new theme Koi is so beautiful.  I’ve seen this theme before and I’m glad they finally included this theme here in wordpress.

And right now, I feel so lucky to have met E who loves me so much.  Life is so good. 🙂