Over the past few months, it seems that I have forgotten why I am going on a DIET and so I have to remember how inconvenient it is to eat so much that I can’t breathe or that I have to breathe deep before swallowing my food.  That my joints are in pain whenever I walk or stand for a long time because of the weight of my body.  The way I look myself in the mirror and don’t feel satisfied because I am disappointed with myself because I know that I have a choice.

How it feels great that the clothes I wear fit comfortably and don’t choke me.  That I can move freely and fast because I don’t feel heavy anymore.  That the food I choose to eat are helping my body stay healthy.

I need to remember that I love myself that is why I have to choose healthier food and in right proportion and be physically active.  In order to live to the fullest, I have to love myself.