I am a movie buff.  Some cannot go to movie house alone but I can–as long as others are there, too. One time I decided to watch a movie an when I went inside–it was dark of course and there were only two of us there–me and a guy.  It was scary.  I was paralyzed there after realizing that only the two of us were there.  Worse, the first trailer shown was a scary local movie.  I would have died of heart attack but after that, around 5 movie goers arrived so I decided to stay.

Anyway, my officemate gave me two passes to any movie of choice at these two movie houses of some mall complex.  E and I decided to use these this afternoon.

I would like to thank my officemate for giving us the opportunity to date.  It’s been a while since E and I went on a date.  Yes, we see each other almost everyday but we’re always exhausted with work that he would just accompany me to dinner then he would escort me to my dorm.

Oh and we saw Salt–I was choosing between Inception and Salt and glad I chose Salt.  I love this film.  Actually, I love all of Angelina Jolie’s movies.

Thought for the day:  All is well that ends well.

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