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For those who happen to come by this blog, I’m moving back to blogger…see me there!!!

One Day at a Time

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How do I lose weight?  Finally it comes back to me…one day at a time.  One day to decide whether I’ll overeat or not.  Whether to eat healthy or not.  Whether I’ll exercise or not.  Whether I’ll be happy with my body or not.  It takes one day at a time.


Healthi-fied Jogger


I changed the name of this blog.  From Crudely Healthy to Healthi-fied Jogger.  Why you may ask.  First, my plan before was to discover ways to eating healthy on a budget–or from the natural or crude products.  But living in a dorm in a busy, congested city makes it difficult to find crude healthy stuff.

Healthi-fied Jogger is more applicable to me.  I love jogging–mostly jogging in place.  Less physically exhausting and more prone to ridicule but I feel great after every jog.

Sentimental Lady

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Can’t get enough of this song by Bob Welch.  I feel the music…I imagine this being the song from Timer the movie–to describe how that 4-month guy feel about the dentist.  Sorry, I can’t remember their names.

Regarding the movie TIMER, I guess if there is a machine, I would not really put patronize it because it I don’t want anything implanted on my body.  But it’s nice to know when I will meet my soulmate.  Or if there is really such a thing.

I am yearning to meet the one for me.  I am in a relationship right now but I’m not sure yet if we are going to end up together–only time will tell.

Healthy eating comes from healthy mind comes from healthy emotions 🙂

Be patient, my heart.

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The F Word

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When you’ve sacrificed a lot just to lose weight–suffered from body changes concerning digestion, hair loss and brittle nails, being associated by someone else to the F word is never nice.  I don’t allow people to call me that.  These people do not know the efforts and discipline just to have a healthier BMI.  Others appreciate the discipline especially if they’ve also tried some weightloss efforts.  But for those who never experienced being overweight –I guess their being small is a manifestation of their small brain.

But I’m still sensitive to that kind of comment.  If you happen to read this blog, I’ve written that I am going through some rough time. I have to admit that I am losing motivation.  I’m still trying to find it.  Hearing the F word made me sensitive and defensive.  I could really be a b*@/h when that happens.  Moreover, I’m also going through a lot of stress and hearing that F word is really adding up to those stress.

I’ve gone through a lot just to become healthy.  I will be healthy forever.  No one is allowed to use the F word on me.  I forbid it.

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E and I finally tried some Mediterranean food at this newly opened corner in my favorite mall.  I finally know the taste of hummus.  It was okay I guess but I don’t like the olive oil.

I think I have to take this blog seriously–enough of this just-for-the-sake-of-updating-my-blog post and actually focus on healthy food and wellness.

Anyway, moving on.  I am lucky to have options on food at work.  Most of these choices are mostly affordable and healthy–of course.  But right now I am a bread person.  I crave the hot bread.  I can skip on rice nowadays because I prefer bread.  I am that crazy over bread.  It does not really matter what kind just as long as it is hot–fresh from the oven.

I’ll be posting photos of the food I eat starting tomorrow, so expect a post from me. Okay? 🙂

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I finally admitted to E that I am really finding it hard to control my cravings.  For the  past two days, I’ve been wanting to give up and binge eat.  The cravings are getting stronger and stronger.  Good thing I’m still winning over my cravings.  I told E this afternoon on the way to dinner.  I asked him to encourage me to go on with this.

I would have given up yesterday, luckily, I held on or else I would feel bad especially after witnessing this BIG guy riding the jeepney and he didn’t know how to get in because he is big.  Then this lunch, I would have given up if I didn’t see these two overweight ladies waiting outside my workplace while munching.

I don’t want to give up.  I have to take a deep breath and think about healthy.

I really have to think of ways to go on with this diet…help! 🙂

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