June Love

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A month ago (which is June …haha) I attended the wedding of my niece.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  A different one from the others I’ve attended.  E was with me and everything was fine with the world.

June made me think about love.  Someday I know I will be the one on that altar being wed with the man I love.



I attended my friend’s wedding last night.   Another chance to wear a dress 🙂  Some of my highschool classmates were there, too.

I was touched when my friend’s now hubby cried after they were pronounced husband and wife.  Pat hugged Nets and he kinda cried.  It was touching.  I was relieved to know that he really loves my friend.  I guess that’s how it is, when it’s your friend, you just want them to be really happy especially when it comes to marriage because there is no divorce here in my side of town so marriage should really be permanent.

It was also raining yesterday morning–as in it was raining hard.  I got worried for a while cause it would ruin the wedding.  Good thing, thank God that when I arrived in my hometown, the sun was shining and the sky was clear.  It was such a beautiful day.

My make-up was not really okay but then that’s okay I guess…what can I do? 🙂


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Joanne and I had some lessons on rice.  We checked out the array of rice at the supermarket.  I saw some black rice and I remembered wanting to try it.  This weekend, I have to buy some.  She showed me the basmati rice.  It was indeed long-grained.  Maybe one day, after trying the black rice, I’d try the basmati next.

This morning, I also told her some technique in wearing a make-up.  She also loves make-up…well…she’s crazy over make-up.  I remember accompanying her to buy some expensive make-up.

We had lunch at this Italian place and I ordered pasta with tomato sauce.  I don’t really like sour food without a touch of saltiness or sweetness, but I have to mind what I eat and so I chose tomato sauce over alfredo sauce.  I was surprised I was able to finish the plate.

This evening while reading blogs I’ve read something about sardines and chicken.  SARDINES got stuck on my mind and the taste of that tomato sauce.  So tomorrow I’m planning on eating sardines and tomato.

I realized that I am beginning to love tomato.  Lycopene galore! 😉

Kikay (Girly)

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The english translation of the word kikay is someone who loves fashion and being a  girly girl.

My officemates saw me one day.  My sort of mentor just taught me how to properly put on a make-up so that I won’t look like a clown.  They weren’t supposed to see me at my workplace that time but I had to use the bathroom so I had no choice but to pass by my office.  They were surprised to see my colored face and my bangle (see pic).  It was unusual for them to see me dollied up.  I received their comments as compliments.

Then yesterday, I saw another bangle and it matched my blouse.  I bought it for only P20 (half a dollar).  The bangle also came with a ring.  I bought it and put them on.  I like how my arms look like whenever I type away on my computer wearing my bangle.

When my officemate saw me with another bangle, she commented, “I didn’t know you are kikay”.

“Yeah I am…,” I replied with a smile.

“And you’re wearing bangles now because you don’t have to wash your hand every now and then…”, she added.

She got it right.