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I finally admitted to E that I am really finding it hard to control my cravings.  For the  past two days, I’ve been wanting to give up and binge eat.  The cravings are getting stronger and stronger.  Good thing I’m still winning over my cravings.  I told E this afternoon on the way to dinner.  I asked him to encourage me to go on with this.

I would have given up yesterday, luckily, I held on or else I would feel bad especially after witnessing this BIG guy riding the jeepney and he didn’t know how to get in because he is big.  Then this lunch, I would have given up if I didn’t see these two overweight ladies waiting outside my workplace while munching.

I don’t want to give up.  I have to take a deep breath and think about healthy.

I really have to think of ways to go on with this diet…help! 🙂

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Today has been stressful and I don’t know how to reward myself but with lots of energy from food.  And so I put aside calorie counting for today.  I only wish I have chosen well on the food that I’ve eaten.

I’ve lost 21 pounds so far so I guess I deserve to load up on energy=)


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I was at the grocery to buy myself dinner–Oishi Pods but another snack has been trying to catch my attention this past few days but I always choose to ignore it.  But this afternoon, I chose to give it a try.  

The Oishi Shoestring Potatoes is similar to Piknik but is more affordable plus it comes in a small pack which is just 90 Calories.  I say this is perfect to satisfy cravings for a potato snack especially french fries.

I know this is junk food therefore not healthy.  But hey a junk food lover like me can’t change overnight.  It’s a process.  But this is not for everyday consumption.  Try this at your own risk.

This is salty though so not healthy.  Moreover, this can make you crave for more food.  But still I’m glad I discovered this snack.=)