One Day at a Time

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How do I lose weight?  Finally it comes back to me…one day at a time.  One day to decide whether I’ll overeat or not.  Whether to eat healthy or not.  Whether I’ll exercise or not.  Whether I’ll be happy with my body or not.  It takes one day at a time.


Healthi-fied Jogger


I changed the name of this blog.  From Crudely Healthy to Healthi-fied Jogger.  Why you may ask.  First, my plan before was to discover ways to eating healthy on a budget–or from the natural or crude products.  But living in a dorm in a busy, congested city makes it difficult to find crude healthy stuff.

Healthi-fied Jogger is more applicable to me.  I love jogging–mostly jogging in place.  Less physically exhausting and more prone to ridicule but I feel great after every jog.

Sentimental Lady

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Can’t get enough of this song by Bob Welch.  I feel the music…I imagine this being the song from Timer the movie–to describe how that 4-month guy feel about the dentist.  Sorry, I can’t remember their names.

Regarding the movie TIMER, I guess if there is a machine, I would not really put patronize it because it I don’t want anything implanted on my body.  But it’s nice to know when I will meet my soulmate.  Or if there is really such a thing.

I am yearning to meet the one for me.  I am in a relationship right now but I’m not sure yet if we are going to end up together–only time will tell.

Healthy eating comes from healthy mind comes from healthy emotions 🙂

Be patient, my heart.

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E and I finally tried some Mediterranean food at this newly opened corner in my favorite mall.  I finally know the taste of hummus.  It was okay I guess but I don’t like the olive oil.

I think I have to take this blog seriously–enough of this just-for-the-sake-of-updating-my-blog post and actually focus on healthy food and wellness.

Anyway, moving on.  I am lucky to have options on food at work.  Most of these choices are mostly affordable and healthy–of course.  But right now I am a bread person.  I crave the hot bread.  I can skip on rice nowadays because I prefer bread.  I am that crazy over bread.  It does not really matter what kind just as long as it is hot–fresh from the oven.

I’ll be posting photos of the food I eat starting tomorrow, so expect a post from me. Okay? 🙂

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I finally admitted to E that I am really finding it hard to control my cravings.  For the  past two days, I’ve been wanting to give up and binge eat.  The cravings are getting stronger and stronger.  Good thing I’m still winning over my cravings.  I told E this afternoon on the way to dinner.  I asked him to encourage me to go on with this.

I would have given up yesterday, luckily, I held on or else I would feel bad especially after witnessing this BIG guy riding the jeepney and he didn’t know how to get in because he is big.  Then this lunch, I would have given up if I didn’t see these two overweight ladies waiting outside my workplace while munching.

I don’t want to give up.  I have to take a deep breath and think about healthy.

I really have to think of ways to go on with this diet…help! 🙂

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I am a movie buff.  Some cannot go to movie house alone but I can–as long as others are there, too. One time I decided to watch a movie an when I went inside–it was dark of course and there were only two of us there–me and a guy.  It was scary.  I was paralyzed there after realizing that only the two of us were there.  Worse, the first trailer shown was a scary local movie.  I would have died of heart attack but after that, around 5 movie goers arrived so I decided to stay.

Anyway, my officemate gave me two passes to any movie of choice at these two movie houses of some mall complex.  E and I decided to use these this afternoon.

I would like to thank my officemate for giving us the opportunity to date.  It’s been a while since E and I went on a date.  Yes, we see each other almost everyday but we’re always exhausted with work that he would just accompany me to dinner then he would escort me to my dorm.

Oh and we saw Salt–I was choosing between Inception and Salt and glad I chose Salt.  I love this film.  Actually, I love all of Angelina Jolie’s movies.

Thought for the day:  All is well that ends well.

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I found my discipline again–glad to tell you that! 🙂

My title is about this friend from work–she’s more of an older sister.  Because I’ve lost some weight, she decided to give me clothes that are too big for her but fits me perfectly.  She’s always been this petite woman and her sisters always give her clothes but some of these clothes are too big for her.  Being a kind big sister she gives me those clothes.

I don’t mind and I am even touched that of all people that she could give these clothes to, she chose me.  Nice! 🙂  The world needs more people like her.

This is it…


Over the past few months, it seems that I have forgotten why I am going on a DIET and so I have to remember how inconvenient it is to eat so much that I can’t breathe or that I have to breathe deep before swallowing my food.  That my joints are in pain whenever I walk or stand for a long time because of the weight of my body.  The way I look myself in the mirror and don’t feel satisfied because I am disappointed with myself because I know that I have a choice.

How it feels great that the clothes I wear fit comfortably and don’t choke me.  That I can move freely and fast because I don’t feel heavy anymore.  That the food I choose to eat are helping my body stay healthy.

I need to remember that I love myself that is why I have to choose healthier food and in right proportion and be physically active.  In order to live to the fullest, I have to love myself.


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Missing in action for several days because I have been really busy.  Sometimes life makes me think that I’m so special that all I want is to be normal.

Life has been good.  Love makes it the best.

Anyway, I’m really been plagued by cravings!!! Argh!  I give in to cravings.  Been frustrated.  That’s why I have to start again.  I need to prepare myself–my mind, body and pocket for that. 🙂

Just posting to let you know that I’m still around.

Theme Song

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I was on my way to the bus terminal riding a tricycle–it’s this motorcycle with side car.  Anyway, I thought I was hearing music in the background from some store which was promoting its products. I was in the market by then.  I realized that the music was following me.  Then I remembered that I was wearing an earphone with ready to play player.  I didn’t realize that I accidentally turned it on as I was riding inside.  And the song sounded like the ones I hear on movies–like something significant is about to happen to the character–that will make that character great.  I can feel that something great is abou to happen in my life.

And I am proclaiming that whatever happens, it’s going to be good and fun.

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