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I wanted some veggies and so I ordered “Pakbet” for lunch.  Pakbet is a Filipino dish made up up of squah, green beans and other veggies.  There was also some shrimps just to add to the taste.  Then I also had half cup rice and 1 leg of chicken barbecue.  It’s enough for my healthy lunch.  It’s a healthier choice rather than some chips and iced tea.  The calories there are lower but not nutritious.

I realized last night that I should not waste my calories.  That I should choose food that are nutritious and satisfying since my calories are restricted.

Anyway, tomorrow I won’t have to count calories and I plan on eating cupcakes from Mom and Tina’s.

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Water works wonders

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Ever since I started to cut back on my calories, I have an irregular bowel movement.  I used to have it twice a day.  But now, I have movement every 2 days.

Last night was my 3rd night of no movement.  And so I drank all the water I could drink.  I think I have 6 glasses of water.  It was also hot last night that was why some fluid came out as sweat.

This morning, I finally have it.

Water is really important to make us healthy.  It’s been proven.  I believe.=)

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I have made progress last week–I think I’ve told you that before.  I was able to survive two days with no meat.  I feel fine.  So tomorrow, I will do that again.  I’m looking forward to choosing the veggies to eat.

Here’s to a healthier, more beautiful me=)

New Way to Drink Green or Black Tea

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I tried drinking hot tea–green and black but I just could not swallow them.  I love Nestea iced tea though but I know that the healthier choice are the green, black, and white tea.  So how can I swallow a healthy tea while enjoying it also?  This is how I do it:

  1. Infuse a bag of black or green or white tea in a small cup with hot water.  Wait for 3 to 5 minutes until the tea has been thoroughly infused.  If you ask me my preference–I prefer black tea.  
  2. While waiting for the tea infusion, I prepare the Litro pack Nestea iced tea and also the cubes of ice.  
  3. I mixed the infused tea to the Nestea litro pack.  Stir the solution. 
  4. Put the ice cubes in a tall glass.  Pour the mixed healthy tasty iced tea.  And enjoy.

The taste is even richer.  It’s quite addicting.  So for those who want to drink real tea but can’t when it’s pure, then try this.=)