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Missing in action for several days because I have been really busy.  Sometimes life makes me think that I’m so special that all I want is to be normal.

Life has been good.  Love makes it the best.

Anyway, I’m really been plagued by cravings!!! Argh!  I give in to cravings.  Been frustrated.  That’s why I have to start again.  I need to prepare myself–my mind, body and pocket for that. 🙂

Just posting to let you know that I’m still around.


Ma Mon Luk


I had the opportunity to visit the restaurant of the very first person who brought chicken noodles in the country–Ma Mon Luk. I saw from a local show here about this restaurant.  I was in the vicinity yesterday and so I decided to have some walk and went to this restaurant.  Sorry I have no picture to show because it was in this area where it’snot practical to bring any gadgets.

The service was not so good because I have to call the waiter several times at least about 7 times and in the end, the server (not the waiter) was the one who processed my order.  But once my order was taken, the server gave me my orders right away.  I ordered the special mami and regular asado siopao.



Reason why I haven’t been online most of the time is because of work, school stuff, and reloading hassle.  Anyway, I cherish my free time and I choose to sleep on my free time because I need my strength and energy.

What do you think about intuitive eating?  I started reading about this and I am now trying somehow to eat intuitively.  Lately also, I’ve been craving fish.  Given a chicken or a fish on the table, I would most likely choose fish.  I find the most satisfaction when and after eating fish.  I’m thinking why and so I looked for the nutrients found in fish and I sure hope I don’t lack in these nutrients.

Theme Song

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I was on my way to the bus terminal riding a tricycle–it’s this motorcycle with side car.  Anyway, I thought I was hearing music in the background from some store which was promoting its products. I was in the market by then.  I realized that the music was following me.  Then I remembered that I was wearing an earphone with ready to play player.  I didn’t realize that I accidentally turned it on as I was riding inside.  And the song sounded like the ones I hear on movies–like something significant is about to happen to the character–that will make that character great.  I can feel that something great is abou to happen in my life.

And I am proclaiming that whatever happens, it’s going to be good and fun.

June Love

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A month ago (which is June …haha) I attended the wedding of my niece.  It was such a beautiful wedding.  A different one from the others I’ve attended.  E was with me and everything was fine with the world.

June made me think about love.  Someday I know I will be the one on that altar being wed with the man I love.


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For the month of June, I’ve been having lots of “cheat days”.  I usually have 4 days of diet and 3 days off.  And I have maintained my weight that way.  But I just want to shed off this 10 lbs so I can finally have my goal weight.  So starting tomorrow I will go on a healthy diet without “breaks”.  I can always have some cravings whenever they strike but of course with the right proportion.    This time I really have to eat really healthy food to meet all of my needed daily nutrients.  There will be lots of fruits, veggies, white meat, fish, sweet potato and food supplement for calcium, potassium and magnesium.

That’s my opinion anyway…I’m not recommending it.  If you have comments or concerns then feel free to share it with me so I would know the right way of eating healthy. 🙂

By the tenth week,  I would be enjoying my more gorgeous body then…haha! 🙂

And oh btw, I had my workout this afternoon–jogging in place.  I was able to do it for 1.5 hours.  Maybe, I can run in a marathon with proper training.  I may not be a fast runner but maybe I can complete the race with endurance.  What do you think? 🙂



I attended my friend’s wedding last night.   Another chance to wear a dress 🙂  Some of my highschool classmates were there, too.

I was touched when my friend’s now hubby cried after they were pronounced husband and wife.  Pat hugged Nets and he kinda cried.  It was touching.  I was relieved to know that he really loves my friend.  I guess that’s how it is, when it’s your friend, you just want them to be really happy especially when it comes to marriage because there is no divorce here in my side of town so marriage should really be permanent.

It was also raining yesterday morning–as in it was raining hard.  I got worried for a while cause it would ruin the wedding.  Good thing, thank God that when I arrived in my hometown, the sun was shining and the sky was clear.  It was such a beautiful day.

My make-up was not really okay but then that’s okay I guess…what can I do? 🙂


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Joanne and I had some lessons on rice.  We checked out the array of rice at the supermarket.  I saw some black rice and I remembered wanting to try it.  This weekend, I have to buy some.  She showed me the basmati rice.  It was indeed long-grained.  Maybe one day, after trying the black rice, I’d try the basmati next.

This morning, I also told her some technique in wearing a make-up.  She also loves make-up…well…she’s crazy over make-up.  I remember accompanying her to buy some expensive make-up.

We had lunch at this Italian place and I ordered pasta with tomato sauce.  I don’t really like sour food without a touch of saltiness or sweetness, but I have to mind what I eat and so I chose tomato sauce over alfredo sauce.  I was surprised I was able to finish the plate.

This evening while reading blogs I’ve read something about sardines and chicken.  SARDINES got stuck on my mind and the taste of that tomato sauce.  So tomorrow I’m planning on eating sardines and tomato.

I realized that I am beginning to love tomato.  Lycopene galore! 😉



I’m glad most of my projects are nearly complete now.  I feel good.

This afternoon, I volunteered myself to get the copy of our readings for the assignment for my MS due in July.  I have my path in mind so I could accomplish all I have to accomplish at school and others.  However, I miscommunicated with my classmate and I ended up going to the wrong photocopy station.  I had to go back and forth.  But I was still glad because I had a mini-workout, sort of like brisk walking.  I still felt good though despite walking under the heat of the sun.  My body was screaming for water.

In school, we took this personality/psychological test.  My result was interesting.  I guess that added up to making me feel happy because a psychological test like that could really be accurate.  Nice!

I also discovered some new nice blogs.  I’m inspired. 🙂  Moreover, the new theme Koi is so beautiful.  I’ve seen this theme before and I’m glad they finally included this theme here in wordpress.

And right now, I feel so lucky to have met E who loves me so much.  Life is so good. 🙂

Remembering Dad


I’ve been pursuing a dream for several years now.  And recent events have made me think that maybe that dream I’ve been pursuing has a reason why it isn’t for me, at least right now.

Some people told my Mom that the reason why I can’t have my dream is because my Dad won’t allow me to.

See, my Dad has been gone for 6 years now.  He died of hemorrhagic stroke.  Hearing that comment made me think of the universe and a much greater power that prevent me from making my dream come true.

For years that is what I’ve been thinking.

Until recently, I’ve realized something.

My Dad is not the cause why I can’t have my dream.  He’s even SUPPORTING me even though he’s been gone a long time.  The pension he left my Mom has been a great help for me to have my dreams come true.  My Mom has been using that to finance my dream.  Even if he’s gone, he still continues to help us.  Why wouldn’t he want to have my dream come true?  He’s been there for me all this time.  He’s still that kind soul who SUPPORTS us all the way.

I’m SO LUCKY and BLESSED to have parents like them.  Both of them are exceptional individuals.

And to my Dad, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!

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