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I finally admitted to E that I am really finding it hard to control my cravings.  For the  past two days, I’ve been wanting to give up and binge eat.  The cravings are getting stronger and stronger.  Good thing I’m still winning over my cravings.  I told E this afternoon on the way to dinner.  I asked him to encourage me to go on with this.

I would have given up yesterday, luckily, I held on or else I would feel bad especially after witnessing this BIG guy riding the jeepney and he didn’t know how to get in because he is big.  Then this lunch, I would have given up if I didn’t see these two overweight ladies waiting outside my workplace while munching.

I don’t want to give up.  I have to take a deep breath and think about healthy.

I really have to think of ways to go on with this diet…help! 🙂

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I have a MAJOR fall.  I’ve been giving in to cravings for several days now.  Why is this?

Disappointed.  Because I got these conditions ever since I started cutting back on calories.  I feel like this is not healthy.  I’m supposed to be healthier, right?  Maybe, I am doing something wrong with the diet.  I’ll just have to rethink.

Ice cream is a great craving because I just can’t smell it.  Ice cream and oreo put together is just too great to resist.  What am I going to do?

I hope these cravings will go away.

Anyway, if there is one thing that I won’t forego, it’s ICED TEA.  I am a regular customer at the moviehouse snack area of the nearest mall (in my workplace) and I always buy their iced tea.  Spending time there (standing) and sipping the iced tea makes me feel at peace.  I feel hopeful.

Anyway, I can still turn my life around.  Good things are now going to happen.

Life is easy and comfortable and happy.=)