When you’ve sacrificed a lot just to lose weight–suffered from body changes concerning digestion, hair loss and brittle nails, being associated by someone else to the F word is never nice.  I don’t allow people to call me that.  These people do not know the efforts and discipline just to have a healthier BMI.  Others appreciate the discipline especially if they’ve also tried some weightloss efforts.  But for those who never experienced being overweight –I guess their being small is a manifestation of their small brain.

But I’m still sensitive to that kind of comment.  If you happen to read this blog, I’ve written that I am going through some rough time. I have to admit that I am losing motivation.  I’m still trying to find it.  Hearing the F word made me sensitive and defensive.  I could really be a b*@/h when that happens.  Moreover, I’m also going through a lot of stress and hearing that F word is really adding up to those stress.

I’ve gone through a lot just to become healthy.  I will be healthy forever.  No one is allowed to use the F word on me.  I forbid it.

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